Episode 6 – World Bipolar Day 2

Emma Chandler is sharing her personal experience of being married for 35 years with a husband suffering with bipolar disorder and her tips for families on how to cope with this.     1.06 What is it like living with someone with bipolar? 2.12 Exploring manic & depressive states 4.04...

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Episode 5 – World Bipolar Day 1

Rob Stephenson is a mental health campaigner and influencer. The Founder of InsideOut, a social enterprise with the mission of smashing the stigma on mental ill-health in the workplace. We are exploring his journey with bipolar and how he has harnessed his mental health to raise awareness and smash the...

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Episode 1 – Workplace Wellbeing #IWD

Workplace wellbeing is such an important topic. I am talking to Sonia Neary from Wellola on being a women, mother and entrepreneur and her thoughts on wellbeing and improving mental health.

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