Episode 33 Digital Wellbeing For Organisations

Part 2- Digital Wellness Series

Laura Willis the UK’s leading expert on digital wellbeing and Co-Founder of Shine Offline.

Helping businesses to understand the importance of supporting staff to have healthy and sustainable relationships with digital technology.

We are exploring the journey of digital wellbeing to balance online and offline worlds at work and home.

0.58 – Benefits of Digital Wellbeing

2.12 – Awareness of Technology & Distractions

3.54 – Creating Digital Balance & Getting Two Phones

7.40 – Digital Natives & Work Life Balance

11.16 – Intrinsic Values vs Seductive Algorithms

13.30 – Overwhelmed Or Too Connected

15.05 – Putting Digital Wellbeing On The Agenda

20.27 – On All The Time & The Culture of Wellness

24.06 – Top Tips To Avoid Burnout & Being More Digitally Conscious

27.21- ROI- Improving Focus & Productivity

29.45 – Not Having A Smartphone & The Digital Detox

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