Episode 20- Managing Negative Beliefs

Kate Greenslade a mindfulness coach, trained with a former monk in Thailand, helps people to recover from anxiety and overcome self-limiting beliefs. Exploring mindfulness to manage anxiety, panic and negative beliefs 0.41 Mindfulness Journey, training with monks and the immediacy of living in here the and now 3.54 Links to...

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Good Leadership: Results that Stick

Self-awareness If you want to be an effective leader it is crucial in leadership to have a massive measure of self awareness. I would say self-awareness is probably one of the greatest tools in life and leadership to get results that stick. In my career I have worked with some...

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Good Leadership: Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders Leadership develops daily with trust and transparency and good leaders will attract good people who are relationally focused and want to appeal to our higher values. It can sometimes feel like building lasting legacy has disappeared from modern leadership and even the products and services we like to...

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