Episode 10 – Beauty & Body Image

Part 1- Body Image  Conversation on beauty, body image and the responsibility of celebrities from a beauty perspective. Vanessa Ali, Queen of Hearts Owner, Entrepreneur and beauty influencer.  1.05 - Transforming Women &  Positive Body Image 2.20 - Impact Of Social Media & Aesthetics 5.36 - Comparisons and 'Tweakments' 6.11...

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Jordon Osborne Raising Awareness for Men’s Mental Health

In my chat with Jordan Osborne, a boxing events ambassador promoting charity boxing events to raise awareness for men’s mental health. Exploring traditional gender roles associated with masculinity and peer networks like Andy’s Man Club for men to meet and share experiences.

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Stress Awareness in the Workplace

This podcast is about stress as an interview with Neil Shah stress management expert and author. Neil shares what he is doing across organisations and shines the light on, men’s mental health, suicide and meaningful engagement in the workplace

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